Success Begins With Commitment

CarrSports Consulting has developed a Social Justice program that will assist athletic departments who are ready to begin the difficult but necessary conversations on their campuses, plus help those departments get to the next level to create long-term action. CarrSports will also assist in the development of a meaningful path to address and increase inclusion and diversity.

Our Social Justice team has extensive athletic and leadership experience to guide you in the successful development, implementation, and management of programs addressing social justice including student-athlete activism, racism, hate and bias.

CarrSport’s Social Justice Team is led by Vice President Kevin Anderson with Dr. Leonard N. Moore serving as an advisor to the program. Dr.  Moore formerly served as Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement at The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Leonard N. Moore
CarrSports Social Justice Advisor

“Athletic Directors need to be honest with themselves and what they are bringing to their campus every day. I know it can be delicate to talk about race. I understand people have questions and want answers quickly and the CarrSports Social Justice Team can help address those needs in a quick and constructive fashion.

Athletic Departments need to value student-athlete activism and especially their black student-athletes now more than ever. We need Athletic Directors to step up and be bold and progressive at addressing systematic racism.”

A Roadmap For You

Considering today’s media and intense public scrutiny, it is imperative our student-athletes, coaches and staff:

  • Establish and uphold the fight for social justice
  • Stop systemic racism, hate and implicit bias on campus
Where to Begin

As administrators it is often challenging to understand the current state of the social justice environment on campus.  CarrSports recognizes that administrators and coaches often need assistance in starting the dialogue.

We have developed programming that provides you with curriculum, data, and expertise to create a road map for your institution to follow, ensuring strength and clarity in matters of social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion.

Three-Tiered Approach

The CarrSports Social Justice program takes a three-tier approach where immediate, short-term, and long-term action is discussed, strategically designed, and implemented. The program can be tailored to meet your department’s needs. Ultimately, the program will help athletic departments embrace social justice issues and be leaders on their campus, in their city, nationally and conference.

Brandon Martin
Black AD Alliance

“We applaud CarrSports in their efforts to advance opportunities for Black athletic administrators in our industry. They have proven to be true advocates of our “pipeline” mission and have been fervently committed to issues surrounding equality and justice. We look forward to collaborating with Carr Sports in the years ahead.”

The CarrSports Social Justice program will help athletic departments create an atmosphere where all student-athletes feel included, are seen more than just athletes across campuses, and have meaningful conversations where the student-athletes’ voices are heard and action is implemented through a collaborative effort.

The Transforming Power of Sports

The power of sports to transform student-athletes, universities, and communities inspired CarrSports Associate, Kevin Anderson, a long-time advocate for social justice, to leave corporate America many years ago, and enter the world of college athletics.

Kevin is recognized as an innovative leader for change and has recently joined CarrSports to further expand these efforts into Athletic Departments across the country.

Kevin Anderson

“Kickin’ It With Kevin”

This Washington Post article depicts the importance of providing an open forum for student-athletes to voice their concerns. Read More

Program integrity has and will continue to be the priority for CarrSports Consulting.  We aspire for each and every athletic department to embrace a culture that is welcoming, sensitive, and understanding of every student-athlete, coach and staff member.

It has been the attitude and practice of every team member at CarrSports to inspect what we expect.  We assure you that our programs will help you get in front of these potentially volatile issues and demonstrate to your student-athletes and employees that you walk the walk and you care deeply about their experiences and concerns in these transformative times.

Interested in Learning More?

CarrSports is confident that if you invest time, thought, open conversation, and resources to addressing social justice issues the result will be an athletic department where all are included and thrive.

For a program overview or to answer any questions you can reach us online by filling out our contact form on this page or contact Kevin Anderson at, or by phone at 845-667-6163.

kevin anderson

“We must create an atmosphere for all of our student-athletes where they are included within the athletic departments and are seen as more than athletes across our

Kevin Anderson
Vice President, CarrSports Consulting
Social Justice Team Lead

Experienced Leadership

CarrSports’ Social Justice team is made up of a diverse group of individuals with extensive athletic and leadership experience in Social Justice and led by Kevin Anderson, long-time advocate for Social justice in College Athletics

  • Served on the NCAA Ad Hoc Committee to Promote Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Led a groundbreaking initiative as Director of Athletics at the University of Maryland and launched the first LGBT Intercollegiate Summit in the country.
  • While serving as Athletic Director at the University of Maryland, the athletics department was recognized by the NCAA and MOAA as a national leader for diversity and inclusion.
  • Led the development and management of the “Achieving Coaching Excellence Academy,” along with Stanford University, Coach Bill Walsh. A program focused on the recruitment and hiring of black head football coaches.
  • Responsible for engaging the NFL’s leadership to explain the history, tenets, and rationale behind the Rooney Rule, resulting in the distribution of the NCAA Pledge to all membership encouraging them to enhance minority hiring.
  • Conducted professional development seminars at several campuses for minority assistant football coaches. Twelve participants ultimately were hired as Division I head coaches.

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    Members of the CarrSports Team include former Division I Directors of Athletics, whose unmatched experiences, skills and knowledge as proven practitioners have enabled our clients’ well-informed decisions regarding appropriate solutions. Our ongoing commitment is to build on this legacy.