• Conduct a detailed study of institutional and intercollegiate athletics policies and procedures in relation to Title IX gender equity and/or sexual misconduct risk management
  • Assess Title IX compliance environment through interviews with coaches, student-athletes, athletic administrators and support area directors
  • Engage members of the general student body, as well as faculty and human resource professionals, as appropriate
  • Collaborate with institutional offices of diversity and Title IX
  • Review institutional and athletics’ polices and protocols
  • Compile, analyze, and compare applicable institutional and athletics data; establish performance baseline(s)
  • Provide workable solutions for managing the impact of Title IX compliance on budgets, facilities, personnel, competitive excellence, and sport sponsorship
  • Submit a final report with recommendations to eliminate deficiencies along with plans for improvement, if appropriate
  • Assist in developing a standing athletics Title IX Committee and gender equity plan(s)
  • Maintain assistance to the institution and athletics department, as requested

How do we implement appropriate policies and procedures to effectively educate and prevent discrimination and sexual misconduct within intercollegiate athletics?

Title IX Assessment Process

This reliable, systematic, and tested third-party process determines Title IX compliance status and appropriate risk management recommendations.

Obtain, assess and compile data pertinent to compliance with the components of Title IX equity and sexual misconduct

Establish performance baselines

Compare baseline with Title IX equity compliance standards

  • Accommodation of Interest and Abilities (“Three-Part Test”)
  • Athletic Financial Assistance
  • Equal Opportunity and Equivalence Standard (“Laundry List”)

Compare baseline with Title IX sexual misconduct standards

  • University and the Athletic Department sexual misconduct policies and procedures
  • Incident reporting and investigation protocol
  • University and Athletic Department Code of Conduct
  • Student adjudication and disciplinary procedures
  • Education and training

Provide measurable recommendations as appropriate

“CarrSports Consulting and Helen Grant Consulting have provided Gender Equity assessments and guidance to Baylor University for more than 10 years. The customer service, accessibility and personal approach we receive from the firms has created a valued relationship assisting us in our ongoing commitment to compliance with the athletic provisions of Title IX. ”

Nancy Post
Associate AD - Business, Baylor University

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