• Establish purpose, benefits and desired outcomes of the Feasibility Study
  • Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks relevant to successful implementation
  • Identify impacts on intercollegiate athletics and institutional operations (personnel, facilities, operating budgets, and equipment/technology
  • Quantify financial implications; create appropriate financial pro forma(s)
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis
  • Align with intercollegiate athletics and institutional strategic priorities
  • Conform with federal, state, institutional, NCAA and conference requirements
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Provide comprehensive Feasibility Study with timeline, conclusions and recommendations

What is required for us to proceed…and be successful?

The Feasibility Study Process

This analysis examines the potential impacts of proposed initiatives on intercollegiate athletics’ operations, services provided by the institution, as well as economic implications. A systematic and empirically sound Feasibility Study enhances the success rate of proposed plans.

Feasibility Study Considerations

Possible considerations when conducting a Feasibility Study:

  • NCAA and/or conference requirements
  • Federal, state and institutional governing board regulations
  • Institutional preparedness: impacts on infrastructure
  • Financial revenue and expense projections; operating budgets
  • Financial forecasting
  • Personnel and organizational design
  • Student-athlete well-being and performance
  • Student-athlete support services
  • Facilities and space analysis
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Information technology
  • Sport sponsorship
  • Sport competitive expectations
  • Sport scheduling
  • Conference affiliation

"We were extremely fortunate to work with CarrSports on our feasibility study as well as our strategic plan, Engaged in Excellence. They were great partners, resulting in a thorough final report which became the springboard to our current success."

Jeff Bourne, Director of Athletics
James Madison University

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    Our Clients

    Representative list of clients we have assisted with feasibility studies

    • Augustana University
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • Florida International University
    • North Dakota State University
    • Northern Kentucky University
    • South Dakota State University
    • Southeastern Louisiana University
    • Stony Brook University
    • Texas State University
    • Troy University
    • University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    • University of Evansville
    • University of North Dakota
    • University of Texas at San Antonio

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    Members of the CarrSports Team include former Division I Directors of Athletics, whose unmatched experiences, skills and knowledge as proven practitioners have enabled our clients’ well-informed decisions regarding appropriate solutions. Our ongoing commitment is to build on this legacy.