Augustana University made official in December what had been rumored since March of 2018: That the current NCAA Division II school planned to take its athletic programs to the Division I level.

" We’re focusing on putting together

a plan that makes us a viable member of a multi-sport conference. "

Josh Morton, Director of Athletics, Augustana University

But athletic director Josh Morton recently revealed that the school’s hope is to have a conference invite by December of 2020, which means things are about to heat up. The Vikings have secured the services of Carr Sports Consulting, a respected firm that specializes in advising colleges on athletics.

With that in mind, Morton and Augustana president Stephanie Herseth Sandlin sat down recently for a wide-ranging interview with the Argus Leader to discuss the state of Vikings athletics, the latest on preparation for the transition and what the school hopes will be waiting for them at the next level.