Executive Search

A True Facilitator

CarrSports facilitates the clients’ decisions regarding which individuals are considered and advanced, plus who is selected as the successful candidate.

CarrSports’ comprehensive or partial assistance in the search for head coaches, athletics directors, conference commissioners and executives for affiliated athletics organizations features:

  • Structuring all phases, timing and responsibilities of the search process
  • Conducting on-site analysis of the athletics program to define critical issues that shape the realistic “ideal candidate” profile
  • Identifying, evaluating and interviewing candidates
  • Conducting final candidate background checks
  • Focusing on the successful candidate and negotiating contract terms, if requested
  • Providing optional “turn key” logistics assistance including website and database management,  travel and expense reimbursement, communications and interview site arrangements.

Athletics Director

CarrSports’ comprehensive assistance includes all phases of a leadership search for an Athletics Director.

Head Coach

When engaged to help find the right head coach, CarrSports assists the Athletics Director in developing a effective search strategy…

Conference Commissioner Search

CarrSports follows its trademark “inside-out” methodology in creating a context of reality for the commissioner search with identification of critical issues and the ideal candidate profile.