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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Business Planning

Business planning aids the university in determining the specific revenues and expenses required to properly resource and maintain a comprehensive Athletics program. CarrSports will assist in developing the framework and strategies for achieving Athletics' internal financial goals. Basic elements to the planning process include the following:

    • Assumptions that establish a collective agreement on the financial and competitive environment in which the university and athletics operates.
    • An analysis (Situation Analysis) which provides a description of the most salient internal and external environmental factors, which influence the university’s ability to finance its Athletics' program. Integrated benchmark data points from peer, competitor and aspirant institutions.
    • A concise revenue and expense model for Athletics, including financial pro forma depicting Athletics’ current and projected revenue and expense positions.
    • Delineation of capital outlay and contingencies necessary for sustained success. 
    • Determination of expense projections by combining a zero-based budgeting process with benchmark goals and realistic assumptions.
    • Incorporation of industry best practices.

Representative Clients
  • Montana State University
  • Seattle University
  • University of New Orleans
Carrsports In Action
Seattle U commissioned CarrSports to guide Athletics in preparing a Five-Year Benchmarking Analysis and Business Plan that identifies the specific revenues and expenses required to properly resource and maintain a successful Division I Athletics program.

The planning process included interviews with select Seattle U administrators, Athletics' staff, coaches, and student-athletes. CarrSports examined University, Athletics and NCAA materials, as well as documents from selected Division I conferences and institutions.
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